13 Reasons to Love Black Cats

  The poor black cat, demonised for centuries, is still regarded by many as unlucky. When a black cat crosses your path, do you cross yourself or count your blessings?
  Black cats weren’t always considered unlucky. In Ancient Egypt, from about 3100BC to 390AD, all cats, including black cats, were considered sacred and worshipped. The goddess Bastet  was originally depicted as a lioness, fiercely protective and warlike, however her image softened over time and became more strongly associated with domestic cats. She personified the playfulness, grace, affection and cunning of a cat while still being strong powerful like larger felines. Cat worship declined in Egypt following the banning of the cult of Bast in 390 AD. They are still kept as pets and used as pest control. Cats continue to be revered to some extent in Muslim tradition.


  Cats have not been so lucky in medieval Europe and America. Because of their nocturnal nature, cat’s in general were linked with witches, the supernatural and evil . Black cat’s suffered even more due to their colour. In Christian cultures, white is generally a symbol of goodness and black is a symbol of danger, corruption and evil. 
  Let’s look at some reasons why you shouldn’t judge cats by the color of their fur.

1. They Look Fabulous With Everything
  They’re always fashionable. Their black coats will never go out of style, and a black cat will never clash with any color you’re wearing.
  Nothing says, “I’m an incredibly fashionable cat lady/ man” like a black cat. Think about it: Black cats go with everything. When you take a selfie with a black cat, it doesn’t matter if you are wearing a green paisley tunic or red leather pants, you both look fabulous in the photo. And when you do wear black, which is often because you are so chic, you won’t have to worry about getting out the lint roller every five minutes. 
  Place a black cat on your lap and notice the slimming effect. No matter your décor or color preference, black is the perfect complementary color, much like a black cat’s personality can be the perfect match to yours.

2. In some cultures, black cats are good luck


  They may have a less-than-stellar reputation in some areas of the world, but there are plenty of places where black cats aren’t bad luck at all.
  If you’re in Germany and one crosses your path from right to left, good things are on the horizon.
  The Japanese believe a black cat is good luck for single women.  Recent polls seem to agree, as the highest percentage of female cat owners who were single but found love owner a black cat.
  In the Midlands of England, a tradition came about that involved giving a married couple a nice, fat black cat on their wedding day. This was supposedly 100-percent essential for the marriage to have a good chance of working out well.
  Additionally, it is believed that if a black cat sneezes near a bride on her wedding day, she is sure to be very happy. 

3. They are basically miniature black panthers.
  Black cats like the Bombay look like mini panthers, with sleek black coats and golden eyes. Some folks call them “parlor panthers.”


  Forget spots and stripes — black cats also look alluring and exotic. In fact, the black-coated Bombay was bred to look like a miniature panther. So, if a wild and exotic appearance is what you’re looking for in a feline, think outside the box and consider a black cat. 

4. Black cats are like mini ninjas, practically invisible at night. How cool is that?
  Wouldn’t you like to have your very own ninja running silently through your house? Black cats are the ninjas of the domestic cat family. They’re practically invisible at night; all you might see is a glowing pair of eyes.
  Black cats can blend in and disappear into anything. The furniture, a brush, your chair. Plus they are invisible at night. The only thing cooler than a ninja is being the loving parent of one.
  Want to challenge yourself? Turn off all the lights at night and play hide-and-seek with a black cat. It’s quite difficult, but fun. Even if your kitty’s hiding skills are not superb, it doesn’t matter. You’ll still have a great time trying to find her.

5. Black cats always look regal, sophisticated, shiny and sleek. 
  There’s no denying black cats are utterly gorgeous. They are very mysterious looking and incredibly beautiful cats. There is something special about black felines. They just have that something special!
  Black cats are so elegant. They’re always ready for a fancy black tie affair. Black and white cats, or tuxedo cats, come with some pretty cool coat patterns too, like this guy’s epic moustache.

6. Weather Watch


  While this applies to all cats, black cats have been particularly noted when it comes to predicting the weather. Some of these ideas have a basis in reality. For example, cats’ whiskers are so sensitive that they can detect even very slight changes in barometric pressure.Low pressures can bring rain and storms, and a change in pressure can cause a cat to act a little bit strangely in response to the weird feeling they get in their whiskers.

7. Naming Black Cats Is Easy
  Black cats are the easiest and funnest to name. 
  We have a soft spot for old-school names like Midnight and Shadow. It doesn’t really make sense to call a gray tabby Onyx. But you can totally give that moniker to a black cat. Of course, you’re not limited to those types of names for black cats. We’re just saying that you have more naming options with a black cat. 

8. Black Cats live longer


  Even though their coloring is what gives them a bad reputation, these felines may be getting the last laugh after all. The mutation that causes a cat’s fur to be black is in the same genetic family as genes known to give humans resistance to diseases like HIV. Some scientists think the color of these cats may have less to do with camouflage and more to do with disease resistance. They’re hoping that as more cat genomes are mapped, we may get a step closer to curing HIV.
  Science isn’t exactly sure why, but black cats typical live longer than cats of different colors. It’s believed they have stronger immune systems. That means more love and memories for you. 

9. Black cats were worshiped in ancient Egypt.
   Egyptians in ancient times worshipped them. Killing a cat back then, even if by accident, was punishable by death. Seems appropriate.
  Black cats were originally considered to be good luck by the Egyptians. Owning black cats was thought to bring good luck.

10. Instant Popularity
  “Star Trek” and “The Simpsons” feature black cats, so fame is probably right around the corner for you and your black bestie.
  Black cats are iconic. From the Janet Jackson song, to cartoons and movies, black cats rule. Owning a black cats is almost like being a celebrity. 
  Lots of famous cats have been black. Black cats have been featured in popular shows and movies including The Simpsons, Star Trek, Looney Tunes, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Coraline.

11. Black Cats Can Get You Some Buried Treasure


  France has been the birthplace of plenty of elaborate theories about the potential skills of black cats, one of the most memorable being that they can find and discover buried treasure. It wasn’t that simple, though; it required a ritual. First one had to catch the cat, obviously. 
  Then, you have to travel to a place where no less than five roads intersected, at which point you must let the cat go where it wishes and follow it.So if you happen to go to France and see anyone following a cat around with a spade, now you know why.

12. Black Cats Can Rust
  As they age, black cats can get grey hairs just like people. This allows them to achieve the refined, sexy, salt-and-pepper look. 


  A black cat’s color all boils down to a genetic quirk. There are three variants of the black fur gene (solid black, brown, and cinnamon), and the hue works in conjunction with the pattern. If a cat has a solid black hue, but also the dominant tabby stripe gene, heavy exposure to the sun can make the eumelanin pigment in its fur break down to reveal its once-invisible stripes. What was once a black cat is now a rusty brown cat.
  Black cats are distantly related to black panthers who are revered by all cultures of their magical spirit and stunning looks.

13. Black Cats Are Symbolic
  There is a great deal of symbolism surrounding black cats, and it’s easy to see why, when you consider their connotations and how far back their history is connected with people. Cats are generally associated with mystery and intuition due to their secretive, strange, and often inexplicable behaviors. Black cats in particular are highly symbolic of these traits, since darkness has both intrigued humans and made them fearful from the beginning of our evolution.


  Night has always been a vulnerable time for a creature that cannot see well in the dark, but our fear of it is countered by a curiosity about its beauty and possibilities. Black cats, being nocturnal animals as well as blending into the dusk effortlessly, became synonymous over time with the dark and unknown side of life.

  Black cats are just like every other cat. They each are unique in their own ways and their special personalities should be equally appreciated. If you have a black cat, you probably already know that they’re just as awesome as the rest of the felines out there.

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